Traveling with Sophie

Sharing My Experience With Pet While Traveling – Traveling can be a fun experience as well as an eye-opener. In all of my sojourns, I have had a share of the good, the bad and the ugly. I am also very thankful for all the great experiences I’ve had in some of the finest hotels. By finest, not necessarily do I mean in terms of luxury and cost. I mean in terms of personal experience because that’s what matters at the end of the day, right? 

This story is about a road trip with my dog, Sophie. I am going to be providing some insight as to what needs to be considered when you are traveling with your pet. I had to consider my dog’s safety while we were on the road, and I also wanted to learn what hotels would allow her to stay.

Sophie weighs in at 55 pounds. Riding in a car is one of her hobbies. I don’t always take her with me in my car unless it is to the park. But I had to travel to St. Louis for business purpose, and as a woman I am not a fan of traveling alone especially if I’m traveling states. So I thought it would be a good idea to take her with me as my “guard”. It is about a 15-hour drive from New York City to St. Louis.  By the way if you ever visit there are tons of things I found to do while in  St. Louis.

During the trip, Sophie drank some water but didn’t eat much until we reached St. Louis. This is because Sophie feels a little sick while traveling if she eats. Since it was a 15-hour trip, she got really hungry by the time we got there. When we made it to St. Louis, we had to look for a hotel. By experience, I’m very sure most hotels allow pets so didn’t really do research beforehand. We found two hotels and both of them accepted pets and had wi-fi access too. Red Roof Inn was the hotel we stayed at. It was pretty cheap and comfy.

Red Roof Inn

I had business to take care of and could in no way take her with me. I left her in the room for about 4 hours only to come back to an extremely untidy room. Sophie is not the destructive type, but the unfamiliar environment probably triggered her to do it.  The hotel has big sliding glass doors out the court yard, she had slobbered horribly on. It was on me that I forgot the carrier, so I tried to offer the cost for the damage caused. Lucky for me, the hotel staff was too generous. They called in a professional St. Louis Window Cleaning company along with a house cleaning crew.  Both company’s made very short work of the mess.  I put this behind me and forgave Sophie.

Red Roof Inn has great customer service, and one of the best food combinations. The staff members were a great bunch of people who would do pretty much anything to ensure their customer’s comfortability. They are normally not paid enough but they are still willing to go above and beyond. I tipped them nonetheless. During my stay, I remember when my dog needed some hotel water in the midst of the night. The manager of the hotel himself got it for us. I have decided if I’m ever going to St. Louis again, Red Roof Inn would be the only hotel I will stay at.

During my stay, not once did I witness any sort of showdown between the staff and the hotel manager, they seemed to get along just fine. It was peaceful, to say the least. The rooms were spacious and impart a feeling like you are still home but with other hotels, you wouldn’t get such a feeling. The location is one of the factors because looking outside was a pleasure. The views were enthralling and beautiful. The rooms were very clean too.

Apart from the mishmash, I thought the road trip was a huge success. Not only in terms of hotel experience, but everything went well with my business too. It was safe to travel alone with my “guard”. Sophie felt safe and comfortable during her stay in the room too. If you take care of your side of things, traveling with a pet is definitely not inconvenient. Carry the pet’s carrier along with you when you are staying at a hotel. I got slightly lucky there, but always research the pet policies of a hotel beforehand. Bring lots of water, ensure your dog is wearing tags, and also ensure your dog has a car seat belt too.  Don’t forget to stop and visit the Golden Arch’s in St. louis.

Arch St. louis