Final Leg of My Trip

As I’m sitting here in the hotel lobby waiting for my taxi to the airport, I overheard a gentleman talking about his Service Company. He must of been talking to his secretary because he kept using the words “Take a deep breath”. Apparently she has been overwhelmed with the amount of phone calls coming into their business. When he got off he could see the look in my eyes not being able to relate to this problem. Too many customers calling? He explained to me they had hired an SEO company several months ago and now they were adjusting to the overwhelming amount of new calls their website was generating.

This intrigued me pressing further for more information. The gentlemen said they hired an SEO Company in Spokane. They paid the company a monthly fee to work on his website. It had only been three and a half months. When I asked what SEO was he told me to look it up. For anyone wanting to know I found this really cool explanation on wikipedia.

I wrote down the name of the company, Justin Monk SEO based out of Spokane, WA. When I looked for more information I found the company’s Facebook Page. They look like a legit company and also had several other resources to learn about them. My taxi came before I could get anymore information from the gentleman. Does anyone else know much about this sort of service? It seems expensive but I imagine pays for itself with new customers.

After my taxi picked me up, on the way to the airport I saw a Barbecue restaurant named Dickey’s. Having almost two hours before my flight left and only being 10 minutes from the airport, I asked the taxi driver if he would pull in and wait for me. All I have to say is OMG. The food was amazing. I wish we had one in my city. The beef brisket was probably better than my favorite Ribs. Awesome creamed spinach and the coleslaw was very good too. I’ll be going back the next time I’m in town. 
 Needless to say I ate so much it was difficult staying awake during the flight.  Three hours flew by and now I’m in another taxi headed home.  Anyways that was my latest adventure and I’m glad to be home.

Home sweet Home

Tell me about your adventures and share your experiences please!!