Falling to the temptation of low non-refundable rates

When you book very early, you’ll notice that the non-refundable rates are usually very low and you might be tempted to make such bookings. The trouble is that things might change making it impossible for you the make the trip. Moreover, rates could fall even further after your booking but you’ll already have tied yourself to the non-refundable rate. Avoid such scenarios by going for a rate that allows for cancellations.

The loyalty points that you get when you use the credit cards issued by a hotel are usually more than you’ll get when you use other credit cards. If you are a frequent traveler who loyally lodges with a given hotel chain, make sure you use the cards issued by that chain for maximum loyalty points.

There are many hotel booking mistakes that could deny you the benefits you deserve but careful planning will help you avoid most (if not all) of them.