My Dream Art Gallery

I have always been fascinated with arts ever since I was a kid. Back when I was five, I started sketching and painting using watercolors and color pencils. My mom always knew that I have the potential of being an artist someday. Luckily, I was able to meet someone in high school who shares the same enthusiasm. I met Doreen in art class when I was in Junior high. I’ve always admired her great skills in painting across different mediums and we have been best friends ever since then. We would go bonding over the weekends at the park or anywhere just to bring a piece of canvass into life. And I’d get inspired by our finished works.

Art Gallery

My love for art never waned even when I got married. That’s why, I never stopped cultivating my passion for fine arts, even if I get a little bit too busy doing mommy duties and working for a fulltime job at the same time. I still paint whenever I can. Someday I would be able to build my ultimate dream gallery. Which explains why, I always make it a point to save up every little bit of money that I have left from my budget to build my dream art gallery slowly.
Several years of saving finally paid off. I was able to set up my very own art gallery near my own neighborhood. It was a small shop, but at least it’s enough to display my beautiful works of art. I had a fairly successful art gallery launch. There were a few bunch of people during the launch and it was a good start. Most of my friends were able to spread the word about my event.

During the launch, Doreen admired how far I’ve gone in my craft. She even congratulated me for making it this far in achieving my dream. Doreen gave me an eye opener that day, and told me that my masterpiece and fine artworks should reach across many audiences, not just in Spokane but all over the United States.  And so, I mentioned to her that I am currently making a blog about my art. Doreen told me that while having a personal blog about my artworks is a great idea, my potentials could be known further to many more audiences if I could get a beautiful website that would showcase my skills and artwork. Then again, why not give it a good shot? I could get lucky.
And so the next day, Doreen set me up to meet with a web designer in Spokane that she has ever worked with in the past. As soon as we all sat down, the web guy asked me how I want to dress up my website. They also asked me about my goals and what I hope to achieve with my site. I expressed my need to showcase my artworks to many clients and gain more income from it. Aside from that, I also want to increase my brand awareness and reputation as an established artist in Spokane. The web guy told me that they can make it possible within a couple of months.
And so, fast forward after a couple of months later, I met up with the same web designers and what stumbled right before my eyes captivated me. They showed me their finest masterpiece, their finished work of art: a sophisticated looking one that is fit for an art aficionado like me. One of the sections of my site contained my personal blogs as well as some links to my Social Media Sites. When I tried viewing it on my phone and on my iPad, my website displayed smoothly. It was as fluid as water. Now I have the upper hand and I’m pretty sure that a few months from now, I will have my own steady base of fans and followers. I can’t wait to have a bigger art gallery launch in the next few months to come. A big thanks to the designers at Spokane Website Design.